Quick & Easy On-boarding

On-boarding doesn’t have to be like living through a home renovation. There don’t have to be unpleasant surprises along the way if the process is carefully detailed in advance and you make the move with Cloudhive.

Secure App Hosting

With a series of application servers that can be joined to customer webtops, Cloudhive enables the delivery of legacy, custom or other non-SaaS applications.

Identity Management

Cloudhive makes it easy to assign controlled access to business applications. When circumstances change it is also just as simple to completely disable access in seconds.

Device Management

Access to company files and apps is necessary for your employees, but to maintain a secure environment you do need to have control on how they gain that access.

Business Continuity

Management of your business continuity needs to be of the highest standards. It should be flexible, with the ability to work with all data types and across all storage environments.

Support always available

If you are a Cloudhive customer our Australian Support Team is available to you 24/7

Australian owned, Globally Connected

An Australian business that is globally connected through our iCITA Vendor Partnerships.
The difference Cloudhive makes for you...

Support Staff

All the tedious back-end resources are taken care of.  Cloudhive makes your job easier.



Finally you can invest in a solution that will grow with your organisation without the forklift upgrades.



Cloudhive is customisable to a diverse range of industries, with components able to be switched on as required.

... and for your business!

Cost Savings

Cloudhive makes good business sense.

Find out how the numbers stack up!


Increased Productivity

Designed to enable your business to be flexible and work smart without any compromises on security.