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Capital expenses moved to operational expenses

Cloudhive gives your organisation that competitive edge you’ve been searching for. Finally you can invest in a solution that will grow with your organisation without the forklift upgrades.

Cloudhive simply and predictably empowers you to:

Cloudhive makes it simple to manage resources – you can turn them on and off as required, helping you to manage expenditure.

No longer are your workstations containers for dozens of applications that need to be managed and individually updated. They now are only access points making use of an internet browser to access all your applications through a datacentre.

Leverage the cost savings of offline storage and computing power by extending your internal datacentre to external services.

Pay-as-you-go for what you need and nothing more. This makes it easier to calculate actual costs and predict expansion costs.

No more wasted resources!

Cloudhive helps you by reporting actual usage of licenses, storage and computing resources.

Remove the need to have on premise servers – No more power costs for UPS units, cooling equipment and servers constantly running taking up valuable floor space.