Fully Supported Service

The Service Desk is the central point of contact between your customer and you. It needs to be able to efficiently handle incidents, questions and requests 24 hours 7 days per week.

Many IT companies are outsourcing their IT support because of the advantages it offers to both them and their customers. Cloudhive clients have access to an Australian based Service Desk manned by trained engineers.

Advantages of Outsourced IT Support
Cost Effective

Cost will always be a determining factor in any business. It is the driving reason why many businesses around the country and the globe are looking at third party support services as the solution to all their business needs.

After all, it is much more cost effective to have an IT company on call rather than to employ a full time IT Service Desk team as you will only have to pay for the IT services rendered.

Easy to Reach

Cloudhive’s Service Desk pride themselves on providing prompt service; wherever, whenever. Timely service is essential as you’ll never know when problems may arise.

Local Knowledge

Good quality service may be just around the corner. Don’t assume that you have to hire overseas to get good service at affordable prices. When you engage Cloudhive’s Service Desk team we will be able to tailor a solutions package to your particular needs.

Our internal systems are fully configurable and staff are trained to ensure that requests sent to “your” Service Desk are always answered according to your branding requirements.

When something goes wrong you will have an IT Service Desk team ready to attend to your needs.