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Business Continuity

There are standards to be met to ensure you are 'ever-on'

Cloudhive meets ISO 22301 2012 standards of business continuity standards, ensuring in this 24 hour, ‘must-have-now’ world that your critical data is ‘ever-on’ and always available.

Not all data is the same so management of your business continuity needs to be flexible with the ability to work with all data types and across all storage environments.

Cloudhive allows you to by-pass the traditional approaches to meeting stringent availability requirements for business-critical data.

This means you can bypass the expensive upgrades to infrastructure and be assured you have a dynamic mix of availability, speed and efficiency that just can’t be achieved with traditional approaches.

With Cloudhive at your fingertips there is nothing to worry about – your business-critical data is always there and ‘ever-on’.