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Adaptable to any Industry

Cloudhive is fully customisable to your industry’s requirements and the best thing is, once you are using a single part of the service, additional components can be switched on whenever you require.

Depending on the requirements of your industry, Cloudhive gives you the ability to use specific components within the Cloudhive suite to meet your immediate needs, without paying for what you don’t require.

For example, you may require a hosted Exchange mail solution to complement your existing on-premise computing environment. Cloudhive can deliver you this single piece for quick results and cost benefits.

As your requirements change or existing infrastructure needs replacing, it’s just as easy to switch on additional modules such as a hosted file system, corporate applications, other web-based SaaS applications and Backup/Data Recovery services. Your users can be migrated from using simple hosted email to a completely web-based IT environment over time, without even changing their password. It’s the easiest migration you’ll ever do!

Benefits to your industry:


  • Securely access your medical applications from your clinical practice or home visits
  • Add and remove users in minutes
  • Centralise you pathology downloads


  • All your decision making tools at your fingertips, wherever you are
  • Granular control of who has access, when and where from
  • Mobilise you team and give controlled access to your brokers


  • Retire your on-premise servers and storage
  • Single sign-on to all your advertising and property websites
  • Empower your team with centralised files and communications
  • Control which devices are permitted to access your data