Easy On-boarding


Increase Productivity

Cost Savings

Productivity is the goal - and Cloudhive scores everytime

Designed to enable small and medium sized businesses to be flexible and work smart without any compromises on security.

Cloudhive’s intuitive dashboard makes it possible for all your business files, data and applications to be available to all your employees. It improves internal communications and engagement within the workplace, both off-site and in the office and makes it possible for your employees to access everything they need from any device.

The secure, centralised management system efficiently protects your data and enables comprehensive disaster recovery.

Any device. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Track all company activity, including geotracking based on user location
  • Comprehensive easy-to-read ‘Security Insights’ filterable by user, activity or group
  • Instantaneous user access restriction can be applied
  • Two factor authentication processes

Cloudhive makes it possible to increase performance by renting the power you need on-demand.
This gives you the control you desire while lowering your capital expenditure.

Increase agility and scalability as IT solutions are delivered quickly to new employees, remote offices and current staff members.

With Cloudhive you can have a large cost-effective subscription based service that houses all your data inside a secure cloud while preserving and lowering operating costs.

This eliminates the need to forecast and invest capital in the growing needs of the organisation.

  • Simple login process enables approved users access from all devices – laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones
  • Easy access to approved apps and legacy software
  • Once signed in all company-approved apps and legacy software is available

Cloudive access enables:

  • Simple access to all programs and files
  • Employee directory with enhanced sharing
  • Email and Calendar statistics
  • Company announcements
  • Help Desk access
  • Easy to manage end-user selected shortcuts
  • 24/7 expert IT support in the event of disaster
  • Complete data recovery support
  • Single sign-on for all approved web-based applications
  • Manager level control panel enables addition of new company apps from database of known apps.
  • Ability for Managers to request addition of unlisted apps
  • Manage two factor authentication processes
  • Comprehensive tools for company compliance
  • In-depth ‘Security Insights’ easily filtered to prepare reports
  • Serve up all Windows and SaaS apps as required
  • Enable use of local applications after approval
  • Ability to enforce security policies
  • Device monitoring
  • Automated support services using web forms submitted to your help desk
  • Interactive ticketing system to help deliver customised support services.