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Cloudhive offer a series of application servers that can be joined to customer webtops. These allow legacy, custom or other non-SaaS applications to be delivered via the Cloudhive webtop.

Some serious advantages:

  • Flexible Configurations so you can build your own network

  • Datacentre licensing and resources included

  • Security Updates on going and always up to date

Graded to suit your needs
The servers are graded based on the experience of Cloudhive rather than specific resources. Cloudhive provisions these servers for you as a dedicated Windows Server virtual machine and then dynamically monitors and changes the resource allocation to ensure your application performs to an acceptable standard. These application servers are classed as Green, Blue and Orange.
Only pay for what you need
Cloudhive application servers are able to be moved between grades, such as changing a Green entry-level server to a Blue small business server quickly and easily, at any time.

This means that, like all of Cloudhive’s offerings, you need only pay for what you need right now. If your user base grows and you need more resources, simply have your Application Server moved up a grade. You will also see that each server grade has a maximum number of users listed, starting at 10 users for an entry level Green server.

These limits only apply to actual users accessing the applications on that server, not the total users in a company. If you have most staff using standard Cloudhive applications and a small number of staff needing access to an Application Server, the relevant grade Cloudhive server for those particular users should be more than sufficient and thus all you need to pay for.

Resource levels
While Cloudhive determines appropriate resource levels, you can expect real resources within a certain range as outlined below.

  • Green (Lite) – 1 vCPU, 2-6Gb RAM, 100Gb Hard Disk Space, up to 10 Users
  • Blue (Small Business) – 2 vCPU, 4-8Gb RAM, 250Gb Hard Disk Space, up to 20 Users
  • Orange (Advanced) – 4 vCPU, 6-12Gb RAM, 500Gb Hard Disk Space, up to 30 Users

Need more speed?
The Application Server bundles typically include everything required. Some additional options are available for additional storage. Of note is the availability of High Speed Storage. This supplies to your dedicated Application Server a specified amount of storage that is located on very high speed and redundant hard disks. This option is recommended for best performance in the case of intense Database-driven applications. You only need to order enough high speed storage to contain your database or other relevant data, not the entire Application Server.